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Joseph Dewey Weishar founded Island Mould & Machine Co. in 1939. J.D. was a very innovative person. J.D. soon earned a reputation for producing superior crafted moulds landing many contracts with well known factories such as Cambridge Glass Co., Westmoreland Glass Co. and Imperial Glass Corp. After graduating from high school in 1940 Joseph J. Weishar started work with his father. Joseph, a very talented artist, earned a fine reputation as a world class vice-hand.

The talent of his father-son team was essential to make quality Antique Reproductions. As time progressed, things changed, and the next generation of Weishars have taken over bringing newer and more sophisticated ways of producing mould equipment. From 30" light shades to Votive cups, from Pharmaceuticals to Solar Energy Panels. This created the need for expansion.

Over the past sixty years, we have expanded our facility to include over 50,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and are at the forefront of technology, offering everything needed to produce moulds for the glass industry. (Pattern making, mouldmaking, and importantly talented craftsman.)

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  • T-T Moulds
  • P&B Moulds
  • Blow Moulds
  • Press Moulds
  • 3 Part I.S. Moulds
  • Cast Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • Stainless Steel

3-Part mould for 8 1/2" Moon & Star Vase

Although Moulds for Antique reproductions are still a large part of our business, many other types of moulds are now produced with the help of digital technologies.


Antique reproductions & collectables

Figurine, novelties & tableware

Industrial & commercial Lighting